fondo manton

“Based on the Greek myth of the same name, "LAS MOIRAS" (THE FATES) is the story of a man, his walking through the various stages of life (childhood, youth, maturity, old age ...) and the presence of the moirae during that journey.

A timeless subject (life and destiny) that, through the universal language of Spanish dance and flamenco, is presented in a simple, pleasant, intense and attractive way, coherently combining the mythological and the earthly. ”
THE MOIRAE (THE FATES )are the Goddesses feared by Zeus himself. The three figures who have taken over the centuries the thread of life for mankind to be governed.

Mith, ritual, destiny ...

This is our starting point, the recognition of the divinities of THE FATES: NONA, the primal spinner , DECIMA who measured and guide us with her rod, and MORTA, the merciless and inexorable who brings the end.

THE MAN, ruled over from his birth, looks for his own ways, his own initiatives, sometimes in the course of the crazy youth, sometimes in the bearing of maturity and finally with the soul in the memory of childhood at sunset. Life, which ends without tragedy, without drama; because so it must be despite the vain resistance at our end.

From this classical view, we begin the journey through the life cycle, through the magic of a man’s life, the epicenter of this version of the myth, which combines music, poetry and Spanish Dance & Flamenco to create a ballet as unique, as each life is.